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Goodbye Summer Visitors - See You Again Next Year

The last of our little Summer visitors, the Swallow family, left this week. 
Some of the older ones had already left last month, leaving just a few of the younger siblings behind to pick up strength before the long journey South.
It is said that British swallows migrate to spend their winter in South Africa before returning back to the UK in April and May to raise their chicks and "enjoy" the British Summer.
They very often return to the same nest and we wondered what would happen when we moved here in the Spring as we had spotted 2 nests in our car port.  
Around about May, we realised the swallows had not only arrived but also nested, when we noticed them flying in and out regularly and there was the chatter of 4 little chicks ("feed me, feed me, feed me").
Before long, they got too big for the nest and sat out on a beam, waiting for more food to arrive.  
Shortly after that, they would take short flying trips with their parents, but return home late afternoon, tired o…

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