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Car Booting - Winning and Losing

Having completed a house move, we are now broke.  Even so, there are lots of little things on our wish list that we are hoping to find at a reasonable price, which is why we took a trip to the car boot sale on Sunday morning, plus it was an excuse to get out and about for a bit.  On our list we had a hand mower, a cruet set and cutlery for the dining room, a cucumber plant, mortice lock, masonry bit, cable clips, wok and picture frame.  We also wanted to get an idea of pricing as we're planning to do our own car boot sale in the near future to raise some cash from unwanted items - and boot sales are a top way to recycle any unwanted items (one man's trash is another man's treasure, or so the saying goes).
We'd got about two thirds of the way around and not found anything we were really looking for (although some nice things we weren't looking for and had to resist!).  And then I spotted my first treasure tucked away on a sheet on the ground to the side of a stall.  …

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