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I've been busy

This year has been a frenzy of activity for us having packed our jobs in and relocated to another part of the country.  Mr Cocopopia has worked solidly on renovating our new property for the past 7 months, and is still going strong, as we get closer to making our holiday annexe ready to receive guests.  I've been trying to make a living with some (low-paid) freelance work and also managed to find a little part time job in a local animal centre.  Its all been so full on that I've not managed to find as much time to blog as I'd hoped, so all that must change!

The pumpkin in the photo sums up autumn for me.  It cheerfully greeted guests at our doorstep for over a month but at the week-end, I had a bit of a pumpkin-fest in the kitchen as I converted it into portions of pumpkin curry, spicy pumpkin soup and pumpkin puree (ready for more soups, muffins and perhaps a pumpkin pie).    I've even dried the seeds to use for planting next year and the rest has gone into the compost…

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